Monday, October 17, 2005

Kay Phelps

The desire to start a blog has been growing since getting the internet a few weeks ago. Today I got the news that sparked the need to get this started.

Yesterday, October 16th, 2005, a wonderful, amazing human being left this world. Kay Phelps wasn't just a great lady. She was a wonder. Here are things that I can say about Kay:
  • she had magical hands
  • she would be the first to grab the costume shop "Cursing Cap" on stressful days
  • she always wanted to quit smoking (and finally did, I think)
  • she would give you the shirt off of her back or kick you in the pants-- whichever you needed more
  • she would laugh until she cried when you got her going
  • she worked hard
  • she could costume 50 people with no budget
  • she loved cats
  • she loved people
  • she had faith in nontraditional everything (medicine, people, friendships, etc)
  • she deserved better than what she was given-- in so many ways
  • she will be deeply, deeply missed

I was lucky enough to have four years as her student and even luckier to get to see her before she became extremely unwell. If you didn't know Kay, you missed out on an amazing experience.


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